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Sanskriti is an institute for Indian culture in New York City, dedicated to the children of the greater New York area. Sanskriti's instruction will instill in its students a deep appreciation of India's heritage. The institute strives to integrate the ethos of Indian dance, music, history, literature, art and philosophy into the lives of all students. A few will embrace one or more facets of their instruction as a professional career, but above all, individuals will have the knowledge and understanding to appreciate the depth of India's cultural legacy.

Sanskriti Offers:

• Weekday Afterschool Program
• Workshops and Lecture Series
• New York Area School Initiative
• Artists In Residence Program
• Adult Seminars

Upcoming Events

Devina Kamat on 6/8/14
In a Hindustani vocal music concert workshop of Marathi Natya Sangeet.

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