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Adult Seminars and Lecture Series
Special seminars for adults, including parents, supporters and other members of the community will be offered every semester. Each seminar will include a series of four one-hour long classes on a weekly basis with the objective of introducing adults to the shastras and establishing linkages with music, dance, art and architecture. For tuition and registration information, please refer to our registration page.

Concerts and Special Events
Performances by institute faculty, students and visiting artists will be held at the institute's premises or at other venues in the New York Metropolitan area. These will be open to members and non-members of the institute. Ticket information will be available on our website.

New York Area School Collaborations
Sanskriti will organize joint programs with schools in the New York area over the course of the academic year. The school initiative will include presentations, workshops and performances by the institute's faculty and students at public and private schools, which will bring India's culture heritage to a broader community of children in a multicultural setting.

Artists In Residence
Sanskriti will invite distinguished artists in the area of music, dance, history, literature and visual arts. Artists will be sponsored by the institute and will through special classes, concerts and research projects, will offer our students, members, and the community the privelege of close interaction and learning opportunities with those that have achieved excellence in their fields.

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