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Introductory Bharata Natyam

  1. Shloka: Vakratunda mahakaya surya koti samaprabaha, Nirvighnam kuru may deva sarva karye shu sarvada and 4 other shlokas: (a) gurur Bramha, (b) Angikam Bhuvanam, (c) Om purna madaha, (d) Japa kusum sankasham - Recited and performed.

  2. Asanas taught-Purna Bhujangasana, utthita padaangushthasana ( shiva pose holding toe), Ushtrasana (camel pose) Dhanurasana (bow pose)

  3. Warm up exercise for enabling the half sitting posture- Araimandi

  4. Tatta Adavu/ Naat adavu 5 adavus ie steps, basic unit of dance

  5. Tai tai tam group, Kuddita adavu group, periya adavu, tattamettu group in pancha jati.

  6. Eye exercises sideways/semicircle/round/figure of 8, neck attami and eyebrow control.

  7. Hastas single with recognition and usage of Pataka-flag hand and Tripataka

  8. Introduction through dance: mime and self expression of episode from the Ramayana

  9. Recognition and counting Aditala ( 8 beats) with music and singing Tillana in a Carnatic Raag.

  10. All single and double hand gestures from the Abhinaya Darpana recited in Sanskrit.

  11. Basic Navarasa- 9 emotions (Sthayi Bhava)

All classical dance includes the students study and knowledge of movement, yoga asanas with appropriate breathing, music and tala (rhythm) knowledge, enunciation of Sanskrit verses with theory, and a knowledge of the Epics, Puranas and ancient classical texts. The students imbibe layer upon layer as each term passes. They will learn and refine a lot of the above that they covered and learn the discipline of the art. Tthe art form will in itself instill that discipline.

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