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Group Alapadma, Bharata Natyam - Level 2

  1. Shlokas: Nava graha (9 planets)

  2. Completion of all adavus

  3. Ganesh Kautvam (Item)

  4. Kapi Tillana (end of year)

  5. Work on Araimandi ( half sitting posture)

  6. Performing an episode from the Ramayana for Diwali

  7. 3-4 long jatis to memorize in preparation of Varnam( center piece of a traditional recital 40 mins long).

  8. Asamyukta Hastas (single) with recognition and usage of Pataka-flag hand and Tripataka in Sanskrit ( Hasta Viniyog) (pl send in tapes to record) Week before Thanks giving Break.

  9. Alarippu Tisram (3 Beats)

  10. Jatisvaram Kalyani Raga Rupaka Tala (01) 3 beats

  11. Navarasa (9 emotive elements)

  12. Dance theory: (a) shlokas, (b)Asamyukta & Samyukta hastas (c)Aharya, (d)abhinaya --facial expressions, mime-- (e) dance terminology

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