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Our core programs offer a wide range of choices and strive to inculcate excellence at all levels. Our faculty is drawn primarily from qualified individuals and teachers in the tri-state area. Students also receive the privilege of interacting and being taught by visiting artists that are associated with the institute as part of our Artists in Residence Program.

Arts in education is a proven tool that enables the individual child to achieve personal success. At Sanskriti, we offer an interactive and interdisciplinary curriculum. Using various media, we expose the student to the relationship between diverse art forms. For instance, in the study of dance, children realize that it is intrinsically linked to yoga, music, poetry, theatre, mime and storytelling. This realization leads to the building of self-esteem on and off stage, resulting in confident self-expression. Hindi is more than the study of a language as we incorporate aspects of music, dance, mythology and theatre to reinforce the learning process. Education and fun go hand in hand at Sanskriti; our students over the past 20 years have reflected on their education through self-analysis and peer group reflection. We invite you to join us build a center for the future of our youngsters.

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